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The TravelTech Innovation Zone commercialization program

A new approach for Traveltech innovation

The TravelTech Innovation Zone commercialization program is a vertical-based platform to directly connect leading travel institutions with innovative and disruptive Israeli technologies by identifying and matching the next-generation technological solutions to travel corporates’ specific needs in a timely, smooth, and cost effective way.

The participants are strategically chosen companies that bring in synergies and knowledge to allow faster and more effective solution delivery. Knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of parts , these companies understand the vitality of innovation and its role to their business.

Capitalizing on strategic alliances, Innovel’s in-depth industry expertise, and a worldwide network with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the tech and travel industries, the program takes the traveltech vertical to new heights.

The  TravelTech Innovation Zone commercialization program goals are:

  1. To reduce development costs
  2. To increase speed to market
  3. Focus on solutions for concrete pains and problems and on the enhancement of current operating systems (i.e. new features)
  4. Incorporate disruptive technology into the travel corporation product, rather than letting them lead to new competing models
  5. Establishing the grounds for an effective traveltec investment platform

The program sponsors will be selected travel companies that live and breath excellence and want to take their business to the next level through technology. Sponsors have the following benefits:

  1. First-hand access to technologies and solutions to increase EBITDA
  2. Option to invest in the participating startups with preferred terms
  3. Global exposure
  4. Added brand value through market positioning as an innovative corporation
  5. Presence in Israel, the hotbed of technological innovation, for a fraction of the cost of having an innovation center

Contact us to join the TravelTech Innovation Zone program, and let’s start immediately to take the industry to new heights on the shortest and fastest path to INNOVATION!