InnoVel’s innovation expertise is internationally recognized! (part 2)

Singapore travel week, Oct 15th to 19th

Featuring two main travel events: WIT and ITB Asia


Web In Travel (WIT) Asia is the most prominent digital & online travel conference event in South East Asia pacific.

InnoVel will present three Israeli startups from different ecosystems and how they can be used in the travel industry. The startups are: OPTIMOVE, TRUSTIFI and WISHTRIP.

On Oct 15th, Rom Hendler, Innovel’s CEO, will moderate the 30min panel Through the Looking Glass: Israel. While a small country, with a population of just 8.5 million, Israel stands tall on the global tech startup stage. Tel Aviv’s “Silicon Wadi” is ranked highly among global top technology hubs and travel tech is making a strong showing. The panel will give an overview of the Israeli tech ecosystem and examine how the travel industry can attract emerging technologies from other verticals.


ITB Asia is a annually held three day B2B trade show and convention for the travel industry; it is designed to become the primary event for the Asia Pacific travel industry, much like its parent event – ITB Berlin.

On Oct 18th, Rom Hendler will present a keynote speech and moderate the panel Catching up is not enough: Innovation is essential for survival in tomorrow travel market by InnoVel Travel Tech.

Travel organizations must be innovative, even though they still have to catch up in many areas. The panel will examine different approaches for innovation in other industries and discuss the best for travel organizations.

Last but not least, the exclusive a cocktail event:

Hospitality United Club Networking Event – October 18th

For the second year, InnoVel will partner with the Hospitality United Club Networking Event to be held in Singapore on October 18th (co-located with ITB Asia). Please join us for cocktails and a wonderful networking opportunity with a selected group of travel technology experts and leading hospitality executives. More information to come at


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