InnoVel assist leading international Travel & Hospitality companies connect with Israeli technologies and startups from various ecosystems, such as: Travel-Tech, Media-Tech, Cyber, Clean-Tech, Fin-Tech, IOT, AI, Big Data and many more.

InnoVel’s Innovation Services Include

InnoVel's unique advantage resides in its team's extraordinary Travel & Hospitality market understanding and professional experience.

Our extensive executive experience both in corporate and startup cultures allow us to provide in-depth strategic services regarding innovation in general as well as innovation specifically targeted to the Travel industry. We approach innovation in the most cost effective way and find the best strategic approach based on your corporate needs.

InnoVel is your dedicated innovation local point!

The preliminary engagement will include business intelligence meetings with key stakeholders in order to identify and evaluate the organization’s most painful challenges, needs and interests.

InnoVel will be your innovation arm in the local ecosystem. We serve as your local focal point and link to the startup community, ensuring that no opportunity is being missed. We meet with all startups, review them and screen them for potential collaboration with our partner.

As your Innovation representative, we will arrange on your behalf and as to fit your company’s needs innovation-related special event such as: meetups, demo days, seminars, workshops, and more.

Our startup scouting process ensures a high quality portfolio. The selection is based on the corporations' specific needs and challenges identified in the corporate intelligence process.

We look into different ecosystems for startups that have an emerging functioning product, taking into account each corporate focus. InnoVel's team analyzes each startup's potential internally, filtering the pool of candidates to get approximately 10-15 solutions most relevant to our corporate partners.

Finnaly, we manage an acceptance committee together with our corporate partner resulting 2-5 startups that have the most potential for implementation, partnership, investment and/or M&A.

InnoVel's Project Management & Execution services allow corporations to focus on their core business, while successfully developing innovation initiatives.

InnoVel's team has extensive executive experience and proven managerial skills in running complex operations, both in corporate and startup environments.

The gap between corporate and startup cultures usually leads to complex, frustrating, long, and highly inefficient processes. Our executives close that gap bridging those two distinct cultures.

Planning & Execution are crucial for success!

We support the all-out integration with timely and effective insights. The value added from our expertise is highly advantageous. Examples of our role in managing the integration process are:
- Defining specific KPIs and timelines
- Prioritizing, following up, and tracking milestones
- Acting as a one communication point-of-contact between the corporate and startup
- Post implementation tracking

InnoVel's Open Innovation Program is a structured 12-month initiative for international Travel and Hospitality corporations wishing to adopt and ready to commit to innovative roadmap with the goal of finding and implementing innovative high-value solutions.

The outcome is high-value technological solutions that address the corporate’s business interests and most painful challenges such as: Profit & Loss Streamlining, Customer Experiences, Financial, Logistics, Advertising, Food & Beverages, Security, Cyber, Eco, and more.

InnoVel acts as an external innovation arm for leading international corporations. We assist corporations in finding and evaluating cutting-edge startups and/or local travel players for potential investments as well as merger and acquisitions, including in-depth due diligence analyses and recommendations.

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