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The Challenge: a direct route to Innovation.

What can travel corporates do today in order to have tomorrow’s winning product? What is the best way to get the features that will win the hearts and minds of the customers?  

Innovation is crucial. In dynamic competitive scenarios, outsiders and underdogs can suddenly become market leaders with new business models. The travel industry is constantly changing. As the travel experience moves towards personalization and enriched content, new and innovative technologies are a must in order to get ahead of competition.

However, travel corporations face challenges accessing innovation. Many technologies that can be valuable don’t make it in the market.  Startups may not understand in depth the industry needs, nor may they have the business connections to reach the right people in the industry. Some technologies may not come to light as solutions due to mistakes in development that could have been easily avoided with specific and timely insights. In addition, potentially good technologies may not get funded, as many high tech investors, such as angels and VCs, overlook great products as they focus on B to C solutions in travel for the next big break. Travel corporations, technology companies, and investors keep missing each other, and end up missing out on great opportunities.

At this point, there is only a handful of experts in the world that can successfully connect the different stakeholders in TravelTec, creating a direct route to innovation.

Here is where InnoVel comes into the picture!