InnoVel’s corporate innovation services assist leading international Travel & Hospitality companies connect and collaborate with Israeli technologies and startups from various ecosystems, such as: Travel-Tech, Fin-Tech, Mark-Tech, Cyber, Clean-Tech, IOT, AI, Big Data and more.

Your innovation initiatives will be in the hands of industry expert professionals

InnoVel will be your innovation arm in the local ecosystem. We serve as your local focal point and access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups, ensuring that no opportunity is being missed. We meet with all startups, review them and screen them for potential collaboration with our members. The corporate membership includes:

  • Tailored innovation requirements assessment
  • Startups evaluation
  • In market Innovation activities - meetups, boot camps, pitch days and more
  • Local representation in the Israeli market
  • Silver level sponsorship at InnoVel’s annual conference
  • Proactive scouting & screening (optional add-on)
  • M&A (optional add-on)

A structured yearly program with a mission to find disruptive technologies that are aligned with your corporate strategy and address the corporate’s business interests and most painful challenges. We start by learning your organization’s innovation strategy, stakeholders and expectations, followed by scouting & screening for innovative solutions tailored to your corporate guidelines and aiming for up to 5 commercial pilots with startups chosen by you. InnoVel will provide the chosen startups with professional commercial guidance and in-depth understanding of the Travel & Hospitality industries.

  • Tailored innovation roadmap
  • Proactive Scouting & Screening
  • Acceptance Committee
  • Project Management and accompanying POC implementation process, 1:1 mentoring, ongoing meetings and follow-ups with selected startups
  • A final pitch day where the startups will present their POCs
  • Program conclusions and resolutions

Our extensive executive experience both in corporate and startup cultures allow us to provide in-depth strategic services regarding innovation in general as well as innovation specifically targeted to the Travel industry. We approach innovation in the most cost effective way and find the best strategic approach based on your corporate needs.

Our startup scouting process ensures a high quality dealflow. The selection is based on the corporate’s specific needs and challenges identified in the corporate intelligence process. We look into different ecosystems for startups that have an emerging functioning product and analyze each startup's potential internally, filtering the pool of candidates with the most relevant solutions.

An acceptance committee will be held by InnoVel and the corporate partner in order to choose the final startups that have the most potential for implementation, partnership, investment and/or M&A.

The gap between corporate and startup cultures usually leads to complex, frustrating, long, and highly inefficient processes when it comes to establish a business partnership, and for non-travel startups the lack of knowledge and understanding of the global travel & hospitality industries makes it even worse.

Our industry executive experience and proven managerial skills, both in corporate and startup environments, allow us to bridge that gap between those two cultures while you keep on focusing on your core business.

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Defining specific KPIs and timelines
  • Prioritizing, following up, and tracking milestones
  • Acting as a one communication point-of-contact between the corporate and startup
  • Post implementation tracking and resolutions

If M&A is your preferred innovation strategy, we will conduct on your behalf targeted scouting & screening followed by due-diligence checks for each selected startup to learn more about the company, founders, board members, clients (if any), partners, technology, and financial health check. We will assist you, if needed, with strategic negotiations with selected startups bridging any culture gaps, and connect you to specific professional service providers such as tax consultants, lawyers and HR in order to successfully complete your M&A.

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