Strategic innovation consulting


Our extensive executive experience both in corporate and startup cultures, alongside our travel innovation expertise, allow us to provide in-depth strategic innovation services. We approach innovation in the most cost-effective way and find the best strategy based on your corporate needs.

The strategic innovation consulting services includes:

Mapping the organization innovation needs and priorities

Meetings with key stakeholders

Round table discussions on strategic objectives

Setting organization buy-in and commitment

Defining desirable KPIs: How does success look like?

Setting up priorities

Proactive scouting & screening


Our startup scouting process focuses on quality rather than quantity. Based on priorities set by corporates, we look into different ecosystems for startups that have an emerging functioning product. We analyze each startup’s potential, filtering the pool of candidates to identify the most relevant solutions. The corporate defines the final selection of startups.

The Scouting & Screening service includes:

Learning about the organization needs and most pressing challenges

Assistance with each challenge definitions and setting up priorities

Ensuring organization buy-in and commitment

Comprehensive scouting & screening process

Initial due diligence on startups’ founders, investors, clients and more

Project management & program execution


In business collaborations, the gap between corporate and startup cultures usually leads to complex, frustrating, long, and highly inefficient processes. Within the global travel & hospitality industries, the lack of knowledge and industry understanding of non-travel startups make those partnerships even more difficult.
Our industry executive experience and proven managerial skills, both in corporate and startup environments, allow us to bridge that culture gap. We efficiently manage any innovation project according to your requirements while you focus on your core business and daily needs.

The project management & program execution service includes:

Defining specific KPIs and timelines

Professional project management

Overseeing implementation process

Assisting with commercial execution

On-going meetings and follow-ups with selected startups

Tracking milestones

1:1 industry mentoring for non-travel startups

Acting as single point-of-contact

M&A and Due-diligence


If M&A is your preferred innovation strategy, we will conduct the scouting & screening process based on your M&A guidelines, and perform due-diligence checks about the company, technology, founders, clients, financial health check, etc.
We can assist you with strategic negotiations, bridging any cultural gaps, and connect you with specific professional service providers to successfully complete your M&A, such as tax consultants, lawyers, and HR.

The M&A and Due diligence service include:

Identifying the organization needs, M&A purposes, goals and criteria

Comprehensive proactive scouting & screening

Demo Day & Acceptance committee

Due diligence checks with selected startups

In-Market A2Z Innovation


When it comes to in-market innovation in tech hubs such as Israel, there are different strategies such as technology incubators, accelerators, scale-Up, R&D centers, and others. We will assist you with choosing the right strategy based on your corporate needs, and effectively align it with the Israeli startup culture. Once chosen, we will assist you to execute your strategy, acting as your local innovation arm, and when needed represent your interests in collaborations with local professional service providers.

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