Travel Tech Israel 2017, which took place last week at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv, hosted over 20 Israeli travel start-ups and numerous international companies, including Airbnb, Hilton Worldwide, NH Hotel Group, Caesars, Highgate Hotels, Skyscanner, Meliá Hotels International, Accor Hotels, and

There are over 300 travel tech start-ups in Israel which people can use to navigate their way to a destination. They tools they provide include: booking cheap hotel rooms, reserving a table at a gourmet restaurant, booking a ski trip, or putting together an entire vacation itinerary.

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International travel tourism continues to flourish and already accounts for 10% of global GDP. Israeli tourism start-ups are leading the way to make this market sector even more creative.

The following are a few of the top startups that participated in Travel Tech Israel 2017.

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• TravelX delivers a personalized AR travel guide unlike any other. With over 1.6 million global landmarks, TravelX AR saves you precious time and money by eliminating the need to plan your trip, ask for directions or look at maps. This way, you can spend more time enjoying the sights and sounds, wherever you are.

The TravelX Augmented reality (AR) technology revolutionizes the travel experience by allowing its users to naturally communicate with their own personalized AR travel guide, making their journey seamless, interactive, and simple. TravelX is at the forefront of AR for the travel industry.

• Bitemojo wants to change the way people travel and experience destinations.

It’s a culinary bridge between visitors and locals, and between people who love delicious dishes and the culinary stars that create them. Bitemojo is currently operational in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and will soon be up and running in Rome and Barcelona.

You can order a meal on your smartphone, leave your wallet at the hotel, and join a group or go on your own to experience an authentic meal.

• SeeVoov has developed an interactive video travel planning app which helps you build a travel itinerary from A to Z. Its technology is based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, which automatically tags videos through video recognition and social characteristics.

• Weski is a startup that helps you organize and personalize your ski trips. You can invite friends and family, book a package (or parts of one), and the site will even help you figure out how much each person in the group owes.

• Howazit is a smart and simple end-toend customer communication platform that helps you communicate with customers to enhance not just customer satisfaction but loyalty, engagement and sales.

• Guiderr helps travelers build an itinerary and locate an appropriate tour guide. It’s also reaching out to tour guides around the world so that it can supply its clients with talented, interesting tours.

• Givingaway organizes people to give away used items they don’t need anymore, instead of trying to sell them or throwing them away. When people give items to Givingaway, they receive a credit which they can then use to purchase a different item that they actually need, and oftentimes this credit is larger than the amount they would have received from selling it.

• Roomer Travel is a platform that enables you to sell a hotel reservation that you weren’t able to use to someone else. In the US, there are 81 million hotel cancellations a year in which people lose the entire amount they paid.

• Viggo grants hotel guests a better Internet connection than they even have at home. They also provide smart, customized TV and help guests connect with hotel staff and their surroundings.

• Impactia developed an innovative Intelligent Email system, a unique product enabling companies to increase revenue and business potential by inserting effective marketing messages, promotional banners, text ads, links and signatures into the corporation’s daily e-mail correspondence.

• Splitit lets travelers use their Mastercard and Visa card overseas and pay in installments without having to pay interest, or the need to register or show another card. Splitit won the Red Herring award.

• Gamitee is a platform that lets your users invite their friends to shop together and consult in real time on your site. They do this by embedding a single line of code that opens up a real time group chat platform.

• Sidekix is the only navigation app that offers walking routes based on interest, not just distance. It lets you see the highly rated places around you and then share your route with friends so they can “follow in your footsteps.”

• Travelyo brings to the hospitality industry a simple, private labeled dynamic packaging solution that offers travelers an easy way to customize and book all elements of their trip. Users can book hotel rooms on an intermediary travel site, or directly on the Travelyo website.

• Splitty’s “split & match” technology combines different reservation types to find the cheapest hotel stay for the dates you want. Splitty’s technology combines single low-cost rate deals from multiple rate plans, which helps you get an amazing hotel package at a silly price.