The world’s leading event for Emerging Technologies in Travel,
Tourism & Hospitality

Travel Tech Israel is InnoVel’s annual flagship event and part of its vision to boost business collaborations between worldwide Travel, Tourism & Hospitality corporations, and emerging Israeli startups.

Travel Tech Israel provides startups, from all ecosystems, the chance to hear firsthand the most pressing challenges faced by the industry and an opportunity to interact with corporate executives attending the event and looking for potential solutions.

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check out our previous events:

Travel Tech Israel 2019

23 International Corporations
34 Startups

In its 4th year, Travel Tech Israel (TTI) has turned into the world’s leading event for emerging technologies in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, connecting an unparalleled caliber of international executives with the most promising Israeli startups.

International corporation participated In TTI2019 Activities:

Presenting startups In TTI2019 conference:

Travel Tech Israel 2018

16 International Corporations
27 Startups

In its 3rd year, Travel Tech Israel (TTI) has successfully brought together international corporations, startups, investors, and local travel companies for an in-depth look at emerging technologies and platforms to optimize & monetize travel businesses around the globe.

International corporation participated In TTI2018 Activities:

Presenting startups In TTI2018 conference:

Travel Tech Israel 2017

11 International Corporations
21 Startups

In its 2nd year, Travel Tech Israel (TTI) brought valuable knowledge as well as access to some of the leading players in the TravelTech field, creating unique opportunities to build bridges between startups, international executives, investors, and the Israeli travel scene.

International corporation participated In TTI2017 Activities:

Presenting startups In TTI2017 conference:

Travel Tech Israel 2016

6 International Corporations
17 Startups

The 1st Travel Tech Israel (TTI) conference took place on October 26th, 2016 at the Peres Peace & Innovation Center in Tel Aviv. The full day provided opportunities to meet and make connections with relevant experts from Israel and around the world, featuring a day of ‘speed dating’ meetings for the international travel companies and the selected startups.

International corporation participated In TTI2016 Activities:

Presenting startups In TTI2016 conference:

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